eva fauth
Overseas Underground 2007

An der Finissage verschenkte die
Künstlerin ihre Fotografien.

At the closing reception the artist
gave her pictures away.

Jedoch bereits im Anschluss an die Eröffnungsrede nahm Eva Fauth die Fotografien von der Wand und verpackte sie behutsam in eine Kiste. Diese sendete sie noch während der Ausstellungsdauer 'overseas', zurück an das Art Department der California State University in Chico, wo sie für immer eingelagert werden soll.
zeigte Fauth ihr nun vollständiges fotografisches
Amerika Tagebuch.
Zur Halbzeit ihres einjährigen Studienaustausches an der Californina State University in Chico zeigte die Künstlerin Eva Fauth in dieser Ausstellung ihr bis dahin angesam--meltes fotografisches Amerika Tagebuch. Während der vier wöchigen Ausstellung konnten die Besucher ebenfalls eigene Papierboote falten und dazustellen.

Artist's Statement
On my trip through this year are often important thoughts that cross my mind and I feel very aware of that specific moment. When I encounter these moments, I capture my little paper boat in my perspective. For a short moment I stop in time and calm down. My thoughts are then free to enter the boat and float away home to my family and friends, to dear old memories and other places that I love. Therefore the boat does not only represent me as the foreign exchange student from Germany, who studies overseas for one year on the other side of the Atlantic. The boat becomes a medium. This whole photographic voyage is limited to this exchange year and becomes a diary of pictures and memories that emerge like bubbles that vary in size. There are still gaps to fill and precious moments to live.
I want to invite you to create your own moment - your own paper boat. Stop your daily
haste.Take your time and sail away on your own sea of thoughts. Feel free to use the paper I provided and either take your thoughts home or place them between mine.
Eva Fauth February 2006

Half time during her one year student exchange at California State University in Chico the artist Eva Fauth showed in this exhibition her collected works of her photographic American diary. During the four weeks of exhibition all visitors were able to fold their own paper boats and put them on the floor.

Anschliessend wurden alle Papierboote in einem
nahe gelegenen Fluss ins Wasser gesetzt.

Afterwards all the paper boats were
put in a creek nearby.


At the exhibition Fauth showed her now complete photographic American Diary.

However, right after the opening Eva Fauth took her phtographs off the wall and put them carefully into a box. At the duration of the exhibition she sent the box overseas back to the Art Departmentof the California State Universityin Chico where it should be stored forever, unopened in the University storage.

OVERSEAS-UNDERGROUND, Gruppenausstellung

08.-11.Februar 2007, Galerie W19, Mainz
OVERSEAS 20052006, C-Prints 2007
Chico CA/USA, 10.März 2006